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Default Re: Activity on my account??

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
Every once in awhile I pop in just to make sure someone hasn't PM'd me or something. This time, I did and found over three thousand posts on my account, but I haven't been posting here and my old post count was wiped out a few years ago, so I should have had a total of say, 5 or 10 posts to my name.

So, why is my count back up to 3000+? If it's just old posts being reassociated, that's cool. I'm just more worried about someone hacking this account and posting under my name.

After all, if I'm going to piss someone off, I want it to be ME that pisses them off.
I believe it's all yours. Bayz has been fiddling with the forum, maybe somehow it brought back your count.

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