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Default Re: Kind of blah in here right now.

Originally Posted by Hawk Believer
I think its interesting you consider Alexander a leader in the locker room. Thats not the conventional wisdom out here. I would say Hasselbeck is definately the biggest team leader and Tatupu is emerging as the D's leader. Mack Strong is a strong but quiet leader (no pun intended).

I think people see Alexander as a guy who is mostly looking out for himself. The previous year he was just a yard or two short of the NFL rushing title. Holmgren called a play that didn't go through Alexander for a redzone touchdown. This play one the game and secured a playoff spot. Alexander got pissed that he didn't get the call and the title and went on a tirade with the press, saying "I got stabbed in the back." Holmgren had no idea about the rushing title and wouldn't have cared anyway. All he cared about was that they won and made the playoffs.

To his credit, SA publicly ate some crow a few days later and apologized for his behavior. But there is a Me-First reputation that has kinda stuck with him in these parts.

This last season, he was a model citizen. Course he was on a one year contract. And they could have thrown for a lot more touchdowns or used Mack Strong, but Holmgren let SA go for the NFL touchdown record. Everyone was happy because we were winning.

SA is pretty involved in the community. He actually does ads for a local evangelical mega church and was part of a gigantic Easter service they put on in Qwest Field. But I would not say he has won the hearts and minds of local sports fans the way some other athletes (like Hasselbeck) have.

Regarding his play: He is a horse. He manages to avoid injuries pretty well. He does that by tending to run out of bounds when he might be able to get a few more yards. He is brilliant at timing his runs through holes ( but he had some pretty big holes last season) and he can break a good tackle. He is obviously pretty reliable in the redzone. He holds on to the ball.

He is not a good blocker. He pretty much chooses not to block. So a team would need a really good line and fullback to compliment him. Otherwise the QB would ring his neck after being sacked for the 12th time. He also does not work much on being a recieving option. These are both traits that keep him healthy as a runner. But we all kinda wonder how good he could be if he chose to widen his reportoire a bit and play the same type of role as say a Tiki Barber.

He fits our team like a glove and I would hate to see him go. But I don't know if he would have been nearly as successful on a team that did not have a line a strong as the Seahawks. Most teams need a running back who can block and recieve. Would have been interesting to see how he did on another team. But fortunately we don't have to find out.
I'm not one to stick up for athletes. but i have to here. I dont belame him for being pissed that he got pulled you are talking about an nfl record
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