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Default Re: Kind of blah in here right now.

Originally Posted by Big D
I'm not one to stick up for athletes. but i have to here. I dont belame him for being pissed that he got pulled you are talking about an nfl record
I think he would have gotten a lot more sympathy if it had been a meaningless game. But the play was to make the playoffs. So people thought he should have just been happy to make the post season like all the fans were.

I believe the coaches when they said they weren't keeping track and jsut calling the best game plan they knew. And if they were aware, going to an option besides SA was probably the best choice since theor opponents may have assumed that he was getting the ball.

Anyway, his comments were said in a moment of passion. I think the Hawks regretted it and it harmed the free agency negotiations that off season. But I think they made up for it last year by somewhat artificially helping him break the single season touchdown record.

Below is a link to a newspaper story when said incident occured.
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