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Default Re: Prisco's Overated/Underated list....

Originally Posted by atlsteelers
okay here is my most overated player on the steelers and i am sure i will catch some heat for but its-
aaron smith. i just do not like the guy - he is a bum - so some think he is an all pro - more like all idiot - what the hell was he doing holding on that play in the afc championship drive what was it 3rd and 20 and he tackles the running back coming out of the backfield - what too much pressure - oh yeah too bad he never pressured the qb. that penalty may have been the biggest play in the game. i have no idea why the steelers pay that bum so much money
I really hate disagreeing with a Steelers fan, BUT, one play doesn`t make a season, in the NFL refs could call holding every single play if they wanted to. They stars get away with it. Aaron has been Underrated for a couple years now. Are D-linemen have a role on D, while our lb get all the press. He is great in his role!
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