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Default Re: Should the NFL have more games in a season...

Originally Posted by clevestinks
I love i mean really love Steelers football! But I don`t know if I could handle a longer season. I mean screaming , yelling, pulling my hair out. Heart attacks, sleepness nights b4 some games. All the superstitions, forget it. I`m getting old.
Yeah my wife, as much of a Steeler fan as she has become, is as worn out as I am after the season.. emotionally exhausted to say the least.

I do agree preseason games cut be cut down to 2 or 3 games total. Some teams play 5 every year, thats just way too much.....but then w/ less preseason games, u have less time of game experience which could water down the first couple weeks of the season while teams are still getting acclimated w/ new systems, players, personnel, etc. But still, I could definately agree w/ less preseason.
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