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Default Re: Penguins Select Jordan Staal

Originally Posted by BlackNGold203
We continue to stockpile young talent.....

My worries are.....

1. Can Shero put together the right mix of youth and veterans? (Unlike the Patrick debacle of last year)

2. WHEN the team is sold (foregone conclusion)..will it stay in Pittsburgh
I'll simply cut and paste from another thread that I responsed to on my opinion of Shero and Patrick.

With Shero...he showed a keen eye for identifying talent that could play well within an up-tempo, disciplined system. Nashville's system was ahead of the NHL game before the lockout, as we saw in the 2003-04 season. It's a system that is similar to the one Therrien teaches, predicated on speed, positioning, cycling and forcing turnovers in the neutral zone.

That, to me, was the big difference between Shero and someone like Neil Smith. Smith is a very solid hockey mind with an eye for hockey talent. But he could never get the pieces to fit together, and much like Craig Patrick, that proved to be his demise. Smith and Patrick (this past season in particular) always seemed more enamored with the player's name than his ability to play a particular role.

Also, with Shero you will not have to worry about the buddy/buddy system that was hurting this team when both Patrick and Lemieux were calling the shots. Business is business with Shero. You will not see us hiring Randy Hillier or Joey Mullen as assistant coaches or Edzo as the HC. You will not see us go out and sign expensive, old, big name players that had some sort of affiliation with this team in the past. Shero has expressed that he does not want to win with three or four big names. He wants to spread this team out and win as a team. Last season we had either really young guys or really old guys on this roster. We did not have anything in between. Shero will get this team to win. It may not be next season or the season after, but I'm willing to wait if it means a string of playoff runs and cup wins. I think that's what Shero will bring to this organization.

As for the team being sold and moved. I think we will be able to keep this team in Pittsburgh.

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