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Default Re: Thanks for playing.

I have an acutal life that I participate in. I go to school, I have a internship at a graphics company that I have to deal with and I do side work for local bands in the area helping with posters and flyers and shit, so sorry if my busy life means I'm being a pussy and running.

Oh yeah, I say that shit to get you all riled up as well, its not like I care, but it works, I post something and i get A LOT of replies and the threads are then so funny to read.

BF21 - Naw I looked it up, BBRC started it....Oh, and he only had like 3 responses...I got more for
my "ban figg" thread at CB.

Jesus, Go_Cats. Get over yourself. You hate me why? Because I punked you out for being a fucking idiot, do I have to show all these peopel what kind of dumb-ass comments you made to me as well?

Like my favorite. "I know who peter warrick is, but why do they call him "P-dub?""

BigBensGirl - Can ya' even feel that "Life size" Big Ben vibrator you have? I'm sure its hard to feel anything for you anyway as I'm sure both your holes look like minature black holes in outer space.
Don't choke on it either!
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