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Default The view from the bottom....

"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones; so let it be with Caesar.

Julius Caesar - Act 3, Scene 2

I am not sure which I enjoyed more... watching the Browns put on a tremendous defensive show to beat the Bengals... or seeing the Vikings send the Steelers to 0 - 4.

All I know is that when you put the two together, along with the Buckeyes victory Saturday night, it made for an outstanding weekend !!

I would be lying if I said I was not loving the current Pittsburgh winless streak, but just as Ceasar's death was likely beneficial to the freedoms of Rome and its people, perhaps the demise of the Steelers this season may actually benefit their fans by giving them something they rarely exhibit.... this being humility.

Now you all get to see who the true fans of your team are.... and who are the bandwagon jumpers. Blind and blathering faith does not a true fan make, but instead careful criticism and patience will eventually...and sometimes it is not quick in coming... be rewarded.

As you all are keenly aware.... not to mention have long enjoyed.... the Browns have been a parade of pointlessness for a long time. But it has made us... their fanbase.... strong as well as grateful for when the misery ends. It remains to be seen whether or not that ending will come soon, but one thing is certain... Pittsburgh's misery is only beginning.

....and while you folks and I will likely never see much of anything eye to eye on things Brown & Orange or Black & Yellow (sorry, but it is not gold).... even though I am enjoying your displeasure and discomfort .... I do not wish for it to reach the level or extreme that we have endured....

...I could not wish that on anyone !!

This year, Pittsburgh is just gonna BLEED TO DEATH !!
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