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Default Re: The view from the bottom....

For the record, it has not been "30 years"..... 25 years ago, the Browns were among the league's best teams...and the Steelers were lousy.

...but I digress....

It is a completely helpless feeling...

... you want to feel confident, but instead are relegated to mere hope.

Because your team on the field is giving little or nothing to be confident about.

The more you know and understand about the game, the better equipped you are to deal with this feeling... at least that has always been my view.

But I sometimes think that maybe the complete football idiot is TRULY in the best position to endure, because they don't really comprehend all the reasons the team is so bad, they just root for whomever they see in the jersey and leave it at that. Therefore, maybe they don't feel it so deeply.... there is no confidence to be shaken because they don't come at it from a perspective of understanding and confidence, it is ALL just hope...... and we can hope for anything.

I prefer to take the more informed course.... that way, at least you can see the light at the end of the tunnel when it finally shows up.... then again, sometimes it is just a mirage....

This year, Pittsburgh is just gonna BLEED TO DEATH !!

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