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Default And it starts again..

I saw this coming as soon as the Pats beat the colts yesterday.. oh our season is a fluke, oh, nobody beats the pats twice in 1 season, oh we didnt have cory dillon..

BIG F'n Deal !!!!!!! Cory wouldnt have helped you that day, and you even were more healthy than u are now new england... give us some freekin credit..we crushed you fair and square. We beat you once, we can do it again.. you're in our house, and we've come along way since 2001, and NO WE HAVENT FORGOTTEN THAT EITHER!!

Bring it on to heinz field tom brady !!! Bring it on cory dillon, teddy bruschi, willie mcguiness, comon down to the big ketchup bottle and lets get it on so we can send you home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(>:(>:(>:(
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