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We're all Steelers fans here and we've all experience the downside of the steelers losing seasons/

2003- Cowher and company tried to turn our beloved steelers into the greatest show on grass. Everybody with any football knowledge knows that's not the steelers game plan. It never was and it never will. Plus we had Tiny Timmy Lewis running our cover 8 defense. How in the faq do you only rush 3 defensive lineman and expect to get any pressure on the QB.

2000-We had Kent Graham starting at QB, what in the world was Cowher thinking. Once K. Stewart got the reigns we were already in a 0-3 hole. So indecision at QB cost us a place in the playoffs. The steelers lost both our coordinators the year before and we showed signs of it. That's why I see the Pats having a down year. Can't lose both your coordinators, you can lose player not coordinators.

1998-Once again indecision about who should start at QB cost the steelers possibly another chance to play in the playoffs. The defense was also subpar that year that was probably the year that we actually sucked.

But I think this may be our year, the year we can obtain what?s been alluding us for the past 2 ? decades. Of all the cowher teams I fill this one is the most complete from the 1st man on the roster to the last man on the practice team. All this Bens going to have a off year is B.S. That's just all the bandwagons jumpers getting ready to jump on what ever team looks to be the next contender. (i.e, the Ravens) But since we didn't sign any key free-agents and instead lost what most people consider some of our best players (P. Burress, K. Bell, C. Scott, K. Vincent, and O. Ross). they automatically assume that were going to have a off year. The Steelers are going to be one the elite teams this year and that's hard to fathom for someone not a "TRUE" steelers fan.
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