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Originally Posted by ranger295 View Post
Thanks for getting back, we have no clue where to park, or if we are going to take the train in. Guess we need to figure it out. Where will you be parking?
Parking since the new stadium went up can be a bit of a pain for those who don't know the deal. All the on site parking is now parking pass access. If you don't have a pass, you have to park at a satelitte lot and deal with no tailgating and shuttle buses. You do not want to do that.

Passes are sold only to season ticket holders, but can easily be found online through stubhub etc. Passes come in three flavors, in order of price from high to low is green, yellow, orange. Green is for club/suite holder level season ticket holders, yellow for regular psl seat holders, and orange for the upper bowl seatholders. Within the colors the lots are broken up into letter sections and their are lightpoles to further break up the lettered section by number to help in remembering your parking spot and meet other people. When you purchase a pass it is good for any lettered lot in the color or color at a worse level, ie a green pass can park in any green lot, yellow lot, or orange lot, a yellow pass can park in yellor or orange.

We park and set up our party in the green lot E-10, which is close to the stadium entrance and right next to the train stop at the stadium. We are also directly next to the yellow lot D, which I think is probably the best yellow lot for getting out of the stadium. For anyone interested in joining us, I suggest a yellow pass and parking in lot D, unless they want to spend a few more bucks and get a green pass.

After explaining all this, if the train is a viable option for you, I suggest just doing that.
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