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Default Re: The Walking Dead (Season 4)

Originally Posted by TheWarDen86 View Post
Wow, no body posted anything about TWD spinoff in development. Well, check it out WD fans:
I heard about it. I think I saw it come up in my news feed on Facebook, but I dunno. I might check it out, but my heart is with The Walking Dead. Too much of a good thing and all that.

Originally Posted by Fire Haley
I just watched a bunch of the early shows again - have 42 episodes on my DVR, in order - I can watch a Walking Dead marathon anytime

Okay, but I was just letting others know, too, who might not have them on DVR. Does that make me a bad person?

I really didn't like the whole stupid chasing Sophie theme for a whole season as it happened - but it's growing on me now - there were some great parts of episodes that are still better than the new stuff.
The chasing Sophie part was boring and drawn out for far too long. The rest of it was good.

I do miss Shane and Lori though - the sexual tension in the group made the series
Yes, sir. Lori without Shane was no fun. When Shane was killed off, I was happy because he was such an asshole, but then Rick and Lori's relationship became a big snore, so now I wish both of them were still around. Sexual tension is always good, and there was so much potential for story between the three of them and baby Judith.

Sheriff Rick and his stupid boy just continue to piss me off.
I thought we were calling him Ranger Rick.

Originally Posted by vasteeler
funny thing is that i couldnt stand lori for the longest time. just when she started to grow on me they knock her off
I thought Lori was a bitch, too, but Killer is right. The sexual tension between Lori and Shane was palpable, and that is something that is missing between any of the characters of the newer episodes except for maybe Carol and Daryl, and Carol is just eww.

Originally Posted by GodfatherofSoul
Rick's kid is going to grow up psychotic. That dude has a sick bloodlust for a 10 year old. He's like a Hitler muppet baby.
Carl is a little brat, and somebody needs to hit him upside the head with a shovel.
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