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Default Re: The Walking Dead (Season 4)

Six months has turned Sheriff/Ranger Rick into Farmer Rick. Alrighty then.

They now have formed their own little government in which Rick seems to be content in taking a backseat. For now anyway.

Michone is still out looking for The Governor, but stopped in to give Carl some comic books and Rick a razor because his face was losing the war. You go, girl!

Daryl is a rock star, but his "relationship" with Carol gives me a good case of the gags. Carol to Daryl, "Just remember, I liked you first." What is this, middle school?

Carol is teaching the children during story time how to use knives as weapons, but asked Carl not to tell his father.

Tyreese is a big baby. Suck it up, cupcake!

I think the problem is in the water supply. There is a reason they showed Rick splashing water on his face from the barrel at the beginning of the episode. I got a sense of foreboding from that scene.

I also watched The Talking Dead. Dirty rats.

Move 'em out to Woodbury!

With all the people they have in their community with a variety of different skills, isn't there someone who knows how to cut hair? It's the little things like this that bug me. If I'm out kiling zombies, I want to look good while doing it, dammit!
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