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Default Re: The Walking Dead AKA the thing that will RAPE YOUR HEART

Originally Posted by jacobo View Post
Anyone play this thing? It won a bunch of gotys last year which was weird because it's a licensed adventure game. I got it about a week ago and beat it shortly thereafter. I've played a bunch of games in my time, and I must say this is the most emotionally engaging and heartbreaking story that has ever been told in the medium, possibly in overall media history, no lie. I got the entire collection for $20 on bestbuy but you can buy the episodes individually if you're unsure on Steam, XBLA and PSN. They're definitely worth it. I cried like a bitch at the end

I just finished it - got the full game series for $13 at Gamespot - now have to go back and play again - make some different choices

just me and Clem and Kenny at the end - that bitch Lilly killed my soon to be girlfriend Carley
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