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Default Re: Random Slash thoughts

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i have too many good memories to be a kordell hater. when someone mentions him, my first random thought is the longest run by a qb in NFL history vs carolina (this may have been tied or broken by mike vick vs washington(?) on MNF-

Man, the crazy thing is that it doesn't even look like he's running at full steam there. Sure, he's striding, but he makes it look so effortless. That's like 80% speed, tops for Slash.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
his losses in 97 and 01 sucked but 2 plays completely changes his fortune. elway to sharpe on 3rd and 7. (OC's also screwed kordell and jerome when they took the ball out of jeromes hands and decided to get cute and air it out).
Ugh. That third down is forever branded in my brain. I cried like such a little bitch after the Steelers lost that game. Ah, to be 11 and so irrationally passionate again... NOT!

Still, that was one of the plays (along with Elway's helicopter run) that made me respect the Broncos. No shame in getting beat by an epic team like that. As time has gone by, I have only admired the 96-98 Denver Broncos more. Those cap-circumventing sons of bitches were built to WIN; and how they did!
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