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Default Re: Steelers Fever Most Wanted

What kinda of education/skills are you looking for, for the columnists and editors positions. Anything in particular, or just have them submit some of their work for your approval ?
Columnist: You're expected to have substantial knowledge of the subject you're writing about.

Editor: A good knowledge of grammar, punctuation, paragraph formatting, spelling, etc..

I try and attend numerous Steelers events, so I would be interested sending some pics over to whomever wants to post them. I usually go to Steelers kids training camp, womens Steelers camp. the Steelers training camp, A few games a year, and the autograph sessions in Grove City. also I plan on doing the Mens Steelers camp next year.
That's great CleveStinks! Send your photos to! I'll add you to Steelers Fever as a Photographer if you're interested in becoming part of the team. Let me know your thoughts.
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