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Default Defense,ect.

The defensive game of football is, and always has been won by pressuring the QB. If you can disrupt even the best- P.Manning, Brady, or any other QB from any other era; their offense will break down. You need look no further than the KC Chiefs. They went from winning 2 games last year to being undefeated thus far. They know how to disrupt the QB. Pittsburgh is one of the worst I've seen this year, and last year for that matter. You need some young guys and teach them the art of the pass rush, if they don't already thrive on it. OFFENSE: I have been a supporter of Ben since day one, but it saddens me to say "I can no longer make excuses". I know he has a bad O line, and he is chased around many times, but that throw that throw, and interception down by the goal line is representative of Ben. He is now a 10 year vet and if he can't throw the ball away on a play like that then he will kill this team when it counts most. AGAIN; I saw a receiver laughing after missing a sure catch for first down toward the end of the 4th Q. That tells me all I need to know about my beloved Steelers. They just don't get it anymore. I almost can't believe what I'm seeing when I watch this stuff. How did a team digress to this point in such a short time?! They must feel that there is no accountabilty, and no price to pay; That starts with the head coach. He can talk about UNLEASING whatever he wants, but all he's unleashed is a crock of crap. Been a Steeler fan since even before our winning started, and for the first time. I am ashamed; not to be called a Steelers fan, just ashamed of our current team. Again I say "I am from Mike's hometown", but he's just not the coach for this team if he can't at least put the "job loss" fear into his players.
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