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Default Re: The irony about building a complete football team

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
If we're in a position to draft Bridgewater or Mariota, Roethlisberger is expendable. I very much doubt we get either of those guys though unfortunately.
I see what you're saying but the timing has to be right. Ben's contract has to be to a point where it's not a drag on the rest of the roster AND the rest of the roster has to be a bunch of up and coming stud players before you gamble on a young QB. Example, Seattle and San Francisco.

Otherwise, you draft a young QB who may turn out to be great, but by the time you put together the rest of the team, the QB is up for his new big money contract and the rest of the roster has to be slashed to keep him. Example, Baltimore. Not that Flacco is great but he got his money, and the rest of the team got hammered.

Timing is going to be everything...sounds like life.

I'm starting to wonder if KC will be the new model. Get a mid level QB that won't suck up a huge chunk of your salary cap so you can spread your money better. You may not be buying your QBs jersey, but you'll overall out talent teams enough to have a shot at the SB.
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