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Default Re: The irony about building a complete football team

Originally Posted by TheWarDen86 View Post
I know we haven't seen much (aside from college), but does no one believe that Landry Jones could eventually step up to lead our offense? He's in the perfect situation (or near perfect pending a few additions in the coming years): Behind two veterans with no pressure and the chance to learn. That seems to be the key for many good QBs laying in wait.
I think the Steelers were hoping to get a steal with Jones but given their draft history since 2008 I doubt the rest of the league was so dumb that if Jones really was a long time starter he would have slipped to the 4th round. I know he looked good against Carolina in the 4th preseason game but that was against scrubs. But the only way to find out is to play him in a real game

If Ben gets hurt when the Steelers are around 4-9 in December it will be interesting to see if Tomlin decides to take a look at Jones.
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