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Default Fantasy draft analysis part one.

Here's an anlysis i made of a recent fantasy draft. My team was The Poster Children. Tell me what you think of my team and of my analysis, please.

Round 1

1. L. Johnson Team 1
2. S. Alexander Team 2
3. B. Leftwich Team 3
4. L. Tomlinson The Poster Children
5. C. Portis Team 5
6. E. James Team 6...
7. P. Manning Team 7
8. T. Barber Team 8
9. C. Palmer Team 9
10. S. Smith Team 10

Best pick: Tomlinson. I was very surprised he made it out of the top 3.
Worst pick (ever): Leftwich! Now matter how much of a fanboy you are, you just do not take this guy in the top 3. Ever.

Round 2
1. T. Brady Team 10
2. L. Fitzgerald Team 9
3. R. Johnson Team 8
4. L. Jordan Team 7
5. T. Owens Team 6...
6. C. Williams Team 5
7. C. Johnson The Poster Children
8. C. Martin Team 3
9. R. Brown Team 2
10. T. Holt Team 1

Best pick: Brown. He is a talent worthy of going higher in this round than 9th.
Worst pick: Martin. Team 3 continues his trend of terrible drafting by picking a RB out of his prime, and coming off a severe injury.

Round 3
1. M. Harrison Team 1
2. A. Gates Team 2
3. C. Baker Team 3
4. E. Manning The Poster Children
5. R. Moss Team 5
6. S. Jackson Team 6...
7. B. Westbrook Team 7
8. A. Boldin Team 8
9. J. Jones Team 9
10. Chicago Team 10

Best pick: Jackson. For a guy being drafted in the late first and early second rounds of many drafts, the middle of the 3rd is a complete steal.
Worst pick: Baker. Why are you picking him in the 3rd round? He belongs more in the bottom, like Rd. 13-15, if you even draft him at all.

Round 4
1. R. Bush Team 10
2. Sa. Moss Team 9
3. H. Ward Team 8
4. R. Wayne Team 7
5. D. Culpepper Team 6...
6. J. Walker Team 5
7. W. McGahee The Poster Children
8. L. Coles Team 3
9. C. Chambers Team 2
10. D. Davis Team 1

Best pick: None to really merit this spot, as this round was very average. Maybe Chambers, if he has another excellent season.
Worst pick: Coles. He is definitely not worthy of a pick this high. By this point, its becoming increasingly obvious that Team 3 has no idea how to draft a fantasy football team, so I will switch to the runner-up for this spot from now on.

Round 5
1. P. Burress Team 1
2. D. McNabb Team 2
3. C. Dillon Team 3
4. W. Parker The Poster Children
5. M. Hasselbeck Team 5
6. T. Houshmandzadeh Team 6...
7. T. Gonzalez Team 7
8. D. Jackson Team 8
9. A. Crumpler Team 9
10. L. Evans Team 10

Best pick: Hasselbeck. For a QB that was very good stats-wise, this is low.
Worst pick: McNabb. However much talent he may have, he is coming off several injuries. He also lost his best receiver. Considering that there were many better options available, he could have done a lot worse.
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