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Default Re: Dez Bryant Goes "All T.O." On Sidelines

Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
I guess I don't have a problem with Dez Bryant getting angry and fired up. With our team it's always the opposite, when things aren't going our way they're sulking around looking all depressed on the sidelines with their heads hung low. Sometimes you've got to have that guy who steps up and gets mad and tries to get everyone else fired up. I think there's a double standard here, when Tom Brady or Peyton Manning yell at their teammates they're just being great leaders... but when Dez Bryant does it he's being immature, and throwing a temper tantrum?

Trent Dilfer was talking about this tonight prior to the Seahawks - Rams game. He went on about how Ray Lewis would chew him out when he messed up, and how Rod Woodson would chew out Ray Lewis when he messed up. It's part of football. The cameras now just get fixated on this kind of thing and it gets blown way out of proportion by the media and sports pundits. I also don't have a problem with Dez Bryant's comment about Megatron. I don't believe he said he was better than Megatron outright, he said that he thought that he can do anything that Megatron can do. There's nothing wrong with a young guy trying to have some confidence and swagger going into a game against arguably, the NFL's best receiver. The Lions almost lost this game if it wasn't for Dallas and their knack for choking at the end of games. Dez Bryant is a player that seems to be getting better and better, I don't much care for him myself but even I can admit that he's got the raw natural talent to be just as good as Calvin Johnson. Thing is Calvin Johnson is a vet, he's in his prime and Dez Bryant is up-and-coming. If Bryant can stay healthy, with a couple more seasons under his belt I think he's going to be scary good.

Very good analogy. I am somewhat sympathetic with Dez because he shows that he wants to win. And you are correct about when the QBs do it, its okay with the team and media. But a WR don't dare complain about wanting the ball more, go figure on that one. Brady is one of the biggest yelling bitches in the game but he's leading his team when he does it.

Calvin is in a class by himself but Dez is a top flight receiver in his own right and the Cowgirls should have worked harder on getting him the ball in a situation like they had Sunday. I fault no receiver for wanting the damn ball. If there were one who didn't want it, then that's the one who needs to sit on the pine.
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