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Default Re: Fire Tomlin? Be careful for what you wish

Originally Posted by Buddha Bus View Post
Calm, reasoned rationale? Pffft.... ain't nobody got time for that!

Round up Tomlin, Haley, LeBeau, the Rooneys, Colbert, Ben, Woodley, Troy, Jarvis Jones, Clark, the trainers, Jack Bicknell Jr., Gilbert, Adams, DeCastro, Sanders, and the guy who refills the Gatorade buckets! We need to dig a large pit, bulldoze them all into it, douse them in gasoline, and toss in a lit match! It's the only way to be sure the curse of .500 or below football can be broken!

Sorry. Have to....

"Roughing the Brady - 15 yard penalty: Automatic first down."
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