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Default Re: PS4 accessories!

Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
Pretty smart. Sony did their homework this time around. Funny thing is Microsoft took a step backwards in the customer service department but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt just because I enjoyed my original Xbox and my 360 so damned much. That's pretty cool that Sony is letting customers get their hands on the games and accessories... the only thing bad about it is that I'd be staring at that stuff just wanting to play around with it. Time already feels like it's dragging on waiting for the launch days.
It's brilliant when you think of it. These PS4 games and advertisements will be in stores for two weeks now, and Call of Duty: Ghosts releases soon. Battlefield 4 is in stores now. Assassins Creed soon. People are going to hit the stores and see the PS4 stuff waiting to be bought and I bet it'll be a huge boost for them.

Xbox on the other hand seems to be doing everything wrong. I honestly think they need to fire a great majority of the people they hire to speak on the companies behalf, because honestly, it's not helping them at ALL.

Top all of that off with the fact that major companies like Infinity Ward and DICE (Activision & EA) revealing that Xbox One isn't even capable of running in true 1080p resolution and PS4 is FULLY capable, and the press isn't exactly positive. An article released published stated that Walmart had re-opened Xbox One preorders after thousands had been canceled following the DICE announcement.

I miss these days brother:


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