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Default Re: Big 10 sucks, SEC rules

Originally Posted by JPPT1974 View Post
Love the SEC as I live in that country. Too bad Volunteers are not doing too good! Want anybody to beat Fla Gators!
That upset of South Carolina looks pretty good. Consider South Carolina went on to beat Missouri, who is ranked in the Top 10 right now (Top 5 at the time). Vols will make a bowl game this year. They will start to be back on the right track. IMO Butch Jones can get them "back" to where they belong. It may take a few more years, but RockyTop will be rocking once again with a strong football team!

Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
Meyer only cares when it effects him. The officiating in the 2006 Outback bowl was blatantly terrible and the Hawkeyes got straight up robbed by the Conference USA refs. Urban Meyer tried to call it a well officiated game. Watch this and tell me it was well officiated...

Florida fans even admit this was a horribly officiated game. How in the ever-loving fuck do you call a facemask penalty on the guy that got facemasked? I can't even talk too much about this game, still boils my blood to this day. Screw Urban Meyer.
Ohio State is going to get rolled by whoever they play in a bowl game. I hope it's against Alabama for the Title. Would LOVE to see the SEC humiliate another undefeated contender, like what they did to ND last year.
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