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Default Re: PS4 accessories!

Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
I love Halo, I've always enjoyed Forza more than Gran Turismo, I'd be interested to see where the Gears of War franchise goes from here on out, and Titanfall looks pretty bad ass IMO. If you lived closer I'd let you borrow my 360 for a weekend to clear Halo 4. I could live without it for a weekend. LoL
I didn't address the Forza/GT thing:

Gran Turismo is much, much more of a racing simulator than Forza, and always has been. Probably always will be. Forza is like a more prestigious "Call of Duty" and Gran Turismo is like "Battlefield", if that makes any sense at all. Ones more of a arcade game, and the other is a simulator. I owned the original Forza Motorsport game and absolutely loved the hell out of it. In fact, I think the original XBOX was one of the greatest consoles ever.

I come off as a Fan Boy because I LOVE what Sony's doing, and have loved it for a while now, but those days playing the original Xbox will always be special to me. Some of the games for that console were special, and, in my opinion, more special than a lot of PS2's installments. Anyway, back on topic.

Drive Club will be coming out for PS4, and it's much more similar to Forza than Gran Turismo. It's more a arcade racer with some very realistic qualities. Gran Turismo is the most realistic racing simulator ever made, and it's probably the best exclusive game ever made as far as sales (usually 10+ million). I believe Playstations top exclusives are all GT.

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