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Default Re: Cortez Allen Also demoted (Gay promoted)

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
It went down like below....

As one of the top cornerbacks available in free agency, Lewis had teams lined up to court him for his services. Lewis had visits set up with the San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, Tennessee Titans and the Philadelphia Eagles.

But not long into his meeting with the Saints, Lewis knew he no longer needed his travel itinerary.

Lewis, who played last season under a $1.26 million tender, gave the Saints a bit of a hometown discount.

Maybe the Steelers never had a chance, it just looked like they never took a shot to keep him because they thought Allen was good enough. I just think that those who believe he is just a system CB that only fit here are just haters.
Exactly. The Steelers were in no position salary cap-wise to offer him a big contract with Allen looking promising and I believe that part of the reason Lewis left was because he wanted to go home. The Steelers would have needed to offer him big money to stay and even then it may have been impossible. Keeping Lewis would have further depleted the team in other areas due to money restraints.

I certainly liked Lewis and wished we could have kept him as I think Allen and he would have been a nice core of future CBs for us, but it wasn't meant to be.

We may never fully know why we didn't offer him a contract, but I suspect that Lewis made his intentions known to the Steelers organization and he wanted to test the free agent market with an opportunity to play for his hometown. I'm sure if he had made his rounds in the market and no offers were accepted, the Steelers may have thrown their hat in the ring with one of their own hoping he would give us a discount to return. Unfortunately, it didn't play out that way and he got what he was looking for in New Orleans.

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