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Default Re: Cortez Allen Also demoted (Gay promoted)

Originally Posted by TheWarDen86 View Post
Ike's forte' is locking down the WR. Few in the league are better than him. Sadly, he's got hands of stone.

Who knows, maybe when it's all said and done, Lewis will have a better career than both Ike and Cortez.

Keenan is in his 5th season.
Cortez is in his 3rd season.

While CA hasn't been wowing anyone so far, he still cracked the starting line up ahead of Lewis in this stage of their perspective careers.

I was high on Lewis when he was drafted because of how physical he was, but he apparently didn't develop quickly. Hopefully Cortez will.

It's too early to tell who will be better. Lewis only has one year of starts under his belt and he was looking for a contract in that year. He's looking good so far down in NOLA, but a year and half does not a career make.

I'm also not sure you can just say Lewis was "better than Ike." Why, because of picks alone? Stats don't tell the whole story. And if you want to bring up Ike being benched, then you also have to look at how long it took Lewis to start. I seem to recall him drawing a lot of flags in the pre-season a few years back.

If only he'd have won the #2 job sooner. They may have made signing him a priority before last season. No one to blame here for that except Lewis.
Yes, Lewis was undisciplined early in his career and earned several bone-headed personal foul penalties which landed him in Tomlin's doghouse and on the bench. He didn't really put it together until his last season with us. Hopefully Cortez can develop more quickly and be even better than Lewis.

Also agree that INT stats don't tell the whole story on who is a great CB in this league. Ike can't catch for shit, but his coverage skills are second to none. He'd be a perennial pro-bowler if he could.

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