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Default Re: Week 9 Gameday Thread: Steelers @ Patriots 11/03/2013

I didn't think it could get worse, but I was obviously WRONG....Maybe the most embarrassing game I can ever remember being a Steeler fan (I'm 43 and been a fan since about 8yrs old)....Anyone who wants to hang this on Ben is INSANE IMO....Sure he's making mistakes but he's one of the few playing his ass off out there with a TERRIBLE team and coaching staff around him....The offense today actually had quite a few bright spots and at least showed what they are capable of....The defense, OMG, I can't believe that it's come to this, I TRULY can't believe it's this bad, but it absolutely is and they prove it almost weekly anymore....Player wise I wouldn't even know where to start to single people out, as it was a TOTAL team non-effort today....Guys who are supposed to be the leaders out there and not make mistake after mistake (Ike, Troy, Clark) were just abused and made mistake after mistake....The guys up front started out briefly strong, but as the game just moved along got pushed around all over the place....And as many posted it was looked like they just quit out there, as I'm sure they were pretty tired by the end when they just repeatedly whipped out there series after series....The most points ever given up by a Steeler team, over 600 yrds today, if this doesn't sound the 'warning alarms' in this organization that DRASTIC CHANGES need to be made pronto, not to win games this yr yet, but to show EVERY SINGLE PERSON in this organization that this is NOT ACCEPTABLE and never will be as long as you are a Steeler...I've said often recently and I'll say it again, time to keep very few pieces and BLOW IT ALL UP, coaches and all...As is the norm in the NFL these days, if your front office/ownership is smart you can turn around a team and be a contender in a pretty short time period....Today was just an ATROCITY for anyone who bleeds black and gold.
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