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Default Draft. What's our biggest need?

If you don't want to look ahead till next year, then don't bother commenting.

I have zero faith in this coaching staff or scouts. That being said, the offseason will arrive quickly. We will have a top 10 pick, if not top 5. We have needs, and they are many.

IMO, everything that happens next offseason will revolve around two players: Ben and Troy. Do we extend them, or get rid of them?

Regardless, we need to draft an actual playmaker (WR, CB, QB, etc). We've spent/wasted enough picks on scrub linemen and linebackers. We can draft them in the later rounds, or God forbid, actually bring in a worthwhile free agent.

If we keep/extend Ben and Troy, he'll be our QB for at least 3-5 more years. And Troy probably has a few years left. In that case, I say we draft either the best WR, or best CB. Our WRs are decent, but no true #1. No size. Get Ben a Brandon Marshall, AJ Green, Demarius Thomas type to work with. It's a passing league. Get with the program already. If there are no great WRs, then get a shutdown CB. Again, it's a passing league. We're dicking around with Blind Willie Gay.

If we get rid of Ben, we draft a QB.

If we get rid of Troy, and hopefully Ryan Clark (and his mouth) is gone too, we need a premiere safety or CB.

What says you?
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