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Default Re: Draft. What's our biggest need?

You guys are naming positions. It's so easy to do that. Watch:

1. LT
2. Big WR
3. True NT
4. Shutdown CB
5. Ballhawking safety
6. ILB
7. OLB that can get to the passer/ Wait we already drafted one of those with no sacks.
8. Are coaches in the draft?

We're going to have a top 10 pick at worst. My thoughts on players that warrant a top 10 pick who we'll be targeting:

1. Sammy Watkins would be a tall game-changing WR that would warrant a top 10 pick. I do think we'll win 3-4 more games this year so we'll be in the 7-10 range when we are on the clock. Our offense has been the real problem this season. We were averaging 1 TD per game before today.

2. If we do get a top 5 pick I can assure you that LeBeau/Colbert (if they are still with the team) are gunning for Jadeveon Clowney; especially since Evander Hood won't be on the team next season. Keisel might squeeze one more season out which would be great for Clowney to learn under and would give the beard a fresh rotation. Our run defense has been pitiful this year.

3. Jake Matthews is the best tackle in the draft but only switched to LT this season. This worries me and I think picking an OT with a pick this high would be a mistake. The OL coach needs to be fired. The whole scheme is horrible.
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