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Default Re: Big 10 sucks, SEC rules

Seriously, what the fuck is this "SEC! SEC! SEC!" bullshit, as if Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State or Arkansas have anything to do with the dominance of Alabama, Florida and LSU in the last decade? That'd be like fans of the Steelers, Browns and Bengals chanting "AFC North! AFC North! AFC North!" after the Ravens won the Super Bowl.

Yeah, the SEC has been the best conference in college football for a while now, but they're not orders of magnitude better than any other conference. The fact that the SEC isn't undefeated in bowl games since 2006 illustrates this. And before anybody says, "Yeah, the second-place team in [other conference] is good enough to beat the third-best team in the SEC," please make sure to repeat that exact statement to yourself the next time you want to boast that, "The best team in [other conference] would only be good enough to finish seventh in the SEC!" It doesn't add up.
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