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Default Re: Penguins Hire Assistant Coach

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43
If I'm going to go out and spend big cash, I would rather spend the big bucks on Peca or Sykora. At the right price Sykora could be a solid player to sign in order to address the team needs at scoring from the wing. A one year deal, maybe two between $1.5 and $3 million per year. I wouldn't really want to offer him $3 mill, but they do have a hole to fill and they do need to get to the salary floor. I wouldn't be surprised to see Dvorak given a shot either/instead, if only because Dvorak brings other things to the table if he's not scoring, most notably speed and penalty killing. He'd likely be cheaper than Sykora as well.

I think all three could bring more to this team (faceoffs, playing both ends, penalty killing) than Shanny who is 37-38 years old. While I agree that Shero should go out and open up the wallet to a degree, I think he should choose to do so wisely. Last season was a perfect lesson (Palffy, Gonchar, Recchi). We also have to wonder if this is where Shanny would want to be at this point in his career. Does he want that leadership/veteran teacher role?

As for Samsonov, between injuries and the fact that he was invisible during these past playoffs, I'm not sure if he's worth the money. The guy never lived up to the hype. I remember many stating he was the next Pavel Bure. For the most part I like Samsonov's skill but not his injury history, probable price-tag or penchant for never scoring as much as he should due to the afore-mentioned injury history and tendancy to float. Pass.

Also, more from Shero............

"Shero said he does not expect to compete for any of the big-name free agents -- guys such as Anson Carter, Sergei Samsonov, Danny Markov and Brendan Shanahan -- still on the market."
Hmmm, I forgot about Sykora - he would certainly put up a lot of goals playing on Crosby's wing, IMO. At that salary range, I think it would be a solid signing. Peca is a solid team guy in addition to being a terrific defensive forward, and a good faceoff man to boot. He would carry a larger price tag than Perreault, but he at least gives you a little more speed and a lot more toughness. He, IMO, would be a perfect fit for the team that Shero wants to build. I always thought Dvorak was an inconsistent player and never really cared all that much for him. Sure, he learned how to play defense under Craig MacTavish, but still...I'd rather have Sykora.

I agree on your points about Shanny and Samsonov. Shanny may want to go to a team that still has a chance to win a Cup, which he would not have with the Penguins, so he'll either re-sign with Detroit or if he does go elsewhere, to Boston. I would just like to see the Pens bring in a big name guy and spend some money, but you're right - they need to be smart about it. Spending money just for the sake of spending it rarely ever works - see the pre-lockout Rangers. It's obvious that Shero is focusing on team chemistry and balance, and it's tough to argue against that, because until the last part of last season, the team had neither.

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