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Default Re: Steelers Report Card: Steelers vs. Detroit

After pondering the game, we really dominated almost the entire game. Catch the dam ball in the endzone and we have 8 more pts, Ike catches those int's and they have 10 less pts at worst, we have 6-10-14 pts. This was a pretty dominating performance actually, it could have ben a 17-59 score if we dont make those simple drops . . . let that sink in for a bit . . . Also, we basically shut down the best WR in the game and one of the top offenses in the games as well. We play Def like this, and off like this the rest of the season I like our chances.

QB - A+ Nothing else needs to be said
WR - B+ Can't make those drops in the EZ! Otherwise an A
RB - B- Made the tuff yards to kill the clock at the end when needed, but not enough earlier
OL - B Great job in Pass prot, terrible in run blocking, Whimper got owned most of the night, DD was a beast. If Pouncey or Velasco can/will play LG we are a good LT away from a dominant OL and a big turn around on that front
DL - A Stuffed the Lions run game, this is what I thought we needed to do to beat the Lions, we sill need a legit NT.
DB - B Aside from the 2nd Qrtr, they shut down a top offense, can't do much better than that. If Ike makes those catches, the Lions lose 10pts.
LB - B Stuffed the run, solid up the middle, zero pass rush (No Woodley keeps this from being a C). We simply NEED JJ to be a force next season if we are to back to our dominant def of past again.
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