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Default Re: Steelers Report Card: Steelers vs. Detroit

Originally Posted by NoFieldFive View Post
even with the 70 yard punt the punter gets a big fat F grade. he's been awful for 2 games long is the weather going to be an excuse for this guy? there was nothing wrong with punter from last year who was cut just before the season began
Even with as crappily as he has seemingly played, McBriar has almost identical stats to Butler's from last year. And in fact, Mesko did too. Butler is just not an NFL-level punter. The only reason he made the team last year is because of Kapinos' (who I really liked) injury. I still don't know why they didn't bring him back this year. Maybe his injury was a career-ender. I don't know.

Anyways, I think the Steelers should take a hard look at the punters in the draft this year. Hopefully get a good one in a late round; although we know how that turned out last time. It's really unbelievable with Sepulveda. Maybe the greatest punter in NCAA history. Had some really nice numbers in his last two seasons with the team. But how often does a punter miss 28 games (not including playoffs) due to injury in 5 seasons?

Here's the prospects:

Kirby Van Der Kamp (Purdue)
Pat O'Donnell (Miami)
Tom Hornsey (Memphis)
Brian Schmiedebusch (Bowling Green)
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