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Default Authentic jerseys: new thread

Since I am new to this site, I understand the need for EXTREME caution when purchasing from anyone. I am willing to ship first, as to build trust on this site. Then, once you receive an item, you can send me a money order or pay via Paypal. I will just need some information before shipping.

I have a friend that is a rep for Reebok. I can get any POPULAR player/size/color. I have 9 right now. These are the 100% real thing. Exactly the ones the players wear. They are the Super Bowl jerseys so they have the Super Bowl XL patch sewn on as well. All items are sewn on, heavywieght material, and have the woven cloth sleeves. The Santonio Holmes jerseys do not have the SB XL patch.

These are brand new, still in plastic, and with tags.

1)Ben Roethlisberger -black in color size 52
2)Ben Roethlisberger -black in color size 50
3)Ben Roethlisberger -black in color size 48
4)Jerome Bettis - white in color size 52
5)Heath Miller - white in color size 52
6)Hines Ward - black in color size 50
7)Santonio Holmes -black in color size 50
8)Santonio Holmes -black in color size 52
9)Troy Polamalu -white in color size 52

These are $140 shipped. At ANY store, they are a minimum of $280/each. I will guarantee them as the real thing. If not satisfied, I will refund your money.

Some pics are available here: E-mail me to for questions.

Glenn James
(614) 330-0436

54 = XXl
52 = XL
50 = L
48 = M

Also, for every jersey I sell from this website, I will donate $7 to the sites Paypal account.


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