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Default Thoughts and Prayers for my Cousin and military member

The thread on not thanking military members gave me boost to post this.

My cousin, who I was very close with, is going through a very hard time. And I know it's something many military members and vets go through.

She served time in Afghanistan in the marines. Two tours I believe. I can't recall exactly what her rank was, or what exactly she did there (I don't follow military jargon, so I don't remember exactly what she was doing)...but she was there doing her duty.

She came back with PTSD and some physical problems. I don't know what happened, she hasn't told anyone (except maybe her therapist). The VA she was going to prescribed her Percocet for the physical pain she was in. They prescribed her 180 pills to start with...more than any normal prescription would call for. She became addicted (don't know what they thought would happen with someone with mental and physical issues would do). She started stealing from family members and friends to feed this addiction. Her grandmother (not on my side) pressed charges on her for stealing her bank card and withdrawing money. We are all just so worried for her. This isn't who she is.

She is in rehab right now. And I just ask that thoughts, prayers, and general good energy be passed along to her and all of those who are fighting their struggles after coming home. Please donate to charities for veterans and active duty soldiers if you can, and volunteer if you are able. Nothing says thank you more than being a part of someone's recovery.

We are just sick to death about what is going on with her. And I know that so may military members come home with the same issues. It's one thing to thank them face to's another to recognize what they are going though and help with that. Please take the time and money (if you have it) to help those who are suffering.
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