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Default Re: Patriots Are The Steelers Daddies

Originally Posted by Mean Machine
That sums it up! It's all mental because we know that we can physically get into the game...Have faith because the Steeler Nation will rise again and add more glory to our already great team, city, and fans...

HERE WE GO STEE-LERS, HERE WE GO! Write it down now, we are going to the Super Bowl! We return 9 All Pros, Ben has 1 year under his belt, best running attack, and a young, aggressive secondary means great things. Plus, LeBeau has another year with this team...

Get into this NOW!
Off topic, but this line cracks me up:

Write it down now, we are going to the Super Bowl!
Why is it you guys always "buy your hotel rooms" and book it early? Both AFC Championship games we beat you this was done. Maybe it's from years of losing, but I'd be way too supersticious to do that kind of stuff or even say it. Plus, nothing is more comical than when you lose and you've done that.

Hey, maybe it's just me. :D
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