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Default Am I by myself?

Just wondering about this...

Ben has been great this year, but are we not expecting too much now? Is he capable? Absolutely but I just don't want his fantastic start to ruin a great year. If you had been told in preseason that Tommy goes down and Ben leads PIT to the best record in the NFL you would have jumped on it in a heart beat. Now that he survived and won, and admitted he didn't play well everyone is discounting us. Heck we overachieved this year. The rest is icing on the cake. The best thing I love is Ben didn't become Pennington and hide from the media. He met square up and said I have to do better. Sorry Mel Kiper glad we didn't take Pennington. The story should not be that Ben as a rookie can't beat the 7-0 Brady led playoff Pats, but rather that Ben as a rookie, under all that pressure, actually has a chance to beat the Pats again. No pressure Ben just have fun out there, you have shown you belong.
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