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Default Re: Honestly... Big Ben > Peyton Manning.

i'll address some of your points..

Originally Posted by PATS16N0 View Post
Let's be honest, the Tom Brady v Peyton Manning debate is a laughable debate rehashed every season by ratings-driven morons. On top of that, a lot of sports analysts are ex-athletes, so I think it's fair to say a lot of them just aren't THAT bright. The network guys are (NBC, CBS, Fox, etc) but the ESPN guys are just idiots.

There is no debate here. 10-4 in head to head and 5 SB appearances isn't a rivalry. It's complete domination. Everytime ESPN brings it up now I /facepalm.

So moving on, how about Big Ben vrs. Peyton Manning?

I'm a firm believer that regular season stat-compiling is only a feather in your hat if your hat is woven from post season performances. It isn't in the regular season that you meet the toughest defenses and the toughest teams, and I frankly could care less if all someone can do is look pretty against the Jaguars and the Raiders in September.

If you were building a football franchise, would you take Big Ben over Peyton Manning?

I would.

Here's why:

1. I always thought QBR was sort of stupid and kind of an invention of ESPN, but I'll use it here. Ben's QBR in cold weather games is pretty solid, and the road to NFL championships generally passes through the elements. Peyton is only good if you build him a dome that's built inside a heated biodome.

2. The guy plays with an offensive line made of swiss cheese.
Can you even imagine Peyton Manning playing under center behind the Steelers offensive line? ROFL!
That shit would be hilarious. I think Benny Hill music just picturing it.
brady also folds like a cheap tent when he's under pressure. see SB loses.
3. Big Ben is good at real football. Peyton Manning is good for fantasy football.
18 - 1* he put up a hell of a lot of fantasy points and lost to a huge under dog
4. All of Peyton Manning's teams have been built to surround him with elite offensive weapons and he still sucks when it matters the most. Ben played better in REAL FOOTBALL CONDITIONS his ROOKIE SEASON then Peyton has EVER played in similar conditions, despite all his weapons.

5. Leadership. Peyton Manning's demeanor on the sideline in the face of adversity is honestly worse then Jay Cutler's when he's having his period. Who the hell could ever be inspired to take it to the next level with pouty-face sulking like a baby on the sidelines? Not a huge fan of some of Ben's media antics, but he takes the bull by the horns when the chips are down, or in the very least tries to.
Peyton just mopes around every time someone smacks the silver spoon out of his mouth.
yup...tom is always calm and cool..

6. Clutch play. Ben's had his ups and downs when it comes to clutch performances, but the ups mostly outweigh the downs.

Peyton on the other hand is the least clutch QB in the history of the NFL, with a post season record that's nothing short of pathetic after 17 weeks of stat-padding against the Jaguars, Texans, Titans, Raiders, Chargers and -before this year- Chiefs.

ESPN would cry about this, but ESPN mostly employees idiotic fools more suited to be MTV VG's then NFL analysts. I would take Ben Roethlisberger over Peyton Manning any day.

Would rather grind out regular season wins in a tough division and have a chance in the tournament than look pretty against AFC South/West scrubs and go down rather pathetically my first post season game.
tough division ??? i know the jets , dolphins and bills have been powerhouses the last dozen or so years , but...
Ben > Peyton.
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