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Default Re: Honestly... Big Ben > Peyton Manning.


All your points are bad and you should feel bad for trying to make them.

brady also folds like a cheap tent when he's under pressure. see SB loses.
Brady orchestrated very late 4th quarter drives in both of those Superbowl's to put the Patriots in the lead, or didn't you watch them? Just because they were relatively low scoring games, the first more than the second, doesn't mean he folded under pressure.

Folding under pressure and getting sacked and hurried and beat up by a pass rush aren't the same thing. Guess you don't know the difference.

18 - 1* he put up a hell of a lot of fantasy points and lost to a huge under dog
Any team is going to be an underdog to an undefeated football team in the Superbowl. They played in the regular season too, and it was a really close game.

More over, the difference here is one quarterback puts up great statistics in the regular season and also defeats GOOD POST SEASON TEAMS and the other one puts up great statistics and DOESN'T.

Guess you don't understand the difference.

yup...tom is always calm and cool..
Getting fired up and flipping out and jacking his team mates up and doing his Brady isn't the same as sitting on the bench pouting like a sad sack.

I guess you don't understand the difference.

tough division ??? i know the jets , dolphins and bills have been powerhouses the last dozen or so years , but...
The Jets went to back to back AFC Championships, always have a top tier defense, had Chad Pennington, Bret Favre, etc. Comparing the AFC East to the Jags and the Titans is a pretty bad joke.

When did the Jags, Titans or Texans of the last decade go to back to back AFC Championships or have a top ranked defense needing overcoming?

Answer: Never.

Guess you don't understand the difference.
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