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Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
I thought Halo 4 was a breath of fresh air for the series. Graphically it's the best looking Halo game by a mile and a half, and the gameplay was prototypical Halo. The story was the best part, they finally gave us some insight into Master Chief and what makes him tick. I always thought Bungie could've done better in the storytelling department. Master Chief was just a monotone automaton in previous Halo games, but in Halo 4 I felt like it was the first time I was really gaining some insight into the character.

I also like that 343 is following the Forerunner trilogy of books. Bungie just kind of did their own thing but I always thought there could be so much more to the Halo universe that they just weren't tapping into.

The last feeling I get when playing Halo is any kind of Call of Duty Deja Vu. Halo 4 couldn't be further from Call of Duty. Much more flushed out and less predictable experience than any of the recent Call of Duty titles. Halo is also not an annual release like Call of Duty is.
I see COD as a standard shooter. If a shooter is better than COD then it's good, if it's not as good then it's shit.

I like Halo.....apart from The Flood. I have played Reach and Halo 4 much more than the first three. The main reason for that is there being no Flood in those games.

I know there had to be a three way fight. But if the third faction had been a better thought out enemy than the Flood, I wouldn't have liked the original trilogy, I'd have loved it.
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