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Originally Posted by Wagen View Post
I see COD as a standard shooter. If a shooter is better than COD then it's good, if it's not as good then it's shit.

I like Halo.....apart from The Flood. I have played Reach and Halo 4 much more than the first three. The main reason for that is there being no Flood in those games.

I know there had to be a three way fight. But if the third faction had been a better thought out enemy than the Flood, I wouldn't have liked the original trilogy, I'd have loved it.
You know I didn't mind the Flood in Halo: Combat Evolved or in Halo 2. They truly became the most annoying in Halo 3.

The enemies I really hated were the Brutes. They just seemed like a lazy design overall. Just basically big old gorillas, I felt like Bungie ripped off Planet of the Apes just a little bit. I never found them very fun or interesting to fight. I've always enjoyed fighting the combination of Elites/Grunts/Jackals as I feel like they offer a better variety and less predictable behavior. I really like fighting the Prometheans in Halo 4. I think they're easily the most challenging enemies I've fought in any of the Halo games. Their AI just seems smarter and they work together very well to take you out.
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