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Default Re: sorry for te porn

Originally Posted by Lady Steel View Post
Yes, it's hilarious. Just as hilarious as you coming here and posting porn and talking about a woman sucking animal cocks or whatever bullshit you posted when there are female members on this board. I very, very much take offense to that. Did you care about me? Yeah, um, no! If I was your girlfriend, I would have dumped your sorry ass long ago. I have zero sympathy for you. Learn how to handle your booze, get new friends, go to AA, or do whatever you have to do. And, of course, you blame it all on the girl. Maybe you should take a long, hard look at your best bud. I guess the bro code of bro's before ho's just doesn't apply there, huh? My guess is that you got exactly what you deserved.
Just a couple of points since you seem to know all about me. I had been with my girlfriend for 8 years. This wasn't the 1st time she had cheated. I took her back once before after she got caught, about 3 years ago. I have never cheated on her. Never even wanted to. Secondly, I never really drink unless it's a quick beer on two on a rare social occasion. Thusly, I have no tolerance for the amount I drank last night, which led to me acting of of character. I'm sure you are a angel of utmost virtue and have never made a mistake. I don't mean to seem crass, but you jumped to a lot of conclusions and formed instantaneous opinions concerning my personal life which you know absolutely nothing about.
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