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Default Re: sorry for te porn

Originally Posted by Lady Steel View Post
Too bad, so sad. Don't care. First of all, watch your damn mouth. Not only am I a female, but I can guarantee you I am not only older than you, but I am definitely wiser. You are offensive. I have never, ever done what you have done here. I'm not some piece of trash. I'm a nurse, and yes, I do try and lead a good, clean life. YOU made your personal life MY business by posting your bullshit and sob story on a PITTSBURGH STEELERS message board. Let me ask you this ~ You stated you posted nonsense on an ESPN board, as well. Did you post the same on a Cincinnati Bengals board? I think you knew exactly what you were doing here. After all, you sure seemed to know you could have possibly been banned.

Remember the above post? You're not dealing with one of the good 'ol boys when you're dealing with me. Take it like a man!

Now, stop posting at me. I've told you I find you totally offensive, and I have absolutely no desire to continue conversing with you. I'm also putting you on ignore. Congratulations on that! You're the only person ever to have that honor here as far as I'm concerned.
So incredibly vile and full of rage! I don't mind a little honest ribbing. I deserve that. However, the extreme venom and vitriol that you are asserting would lead me to believe you may have some very serious issues of your own that need to be dealt with. You can espouse the notion that you are better than me and that's fine, but the insecurity and utter contempt for men noted in your posts would suggest a void in your life to some degree, for whatever reason. I wish you the best and hope that you develop a more reasoned approach and amiable demeanor in the future.

On one final note, you responded to my post first, hence my retort.
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