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Default Re: sorry for te porn

Originally Posted by UltimateBengal View Post
So incredibly vile and full of rage! I don't mind a little honest ribbing. I deserve that. However, the extreme venom and vitriol that you are asserting would lead me to believe you may have some very serious issues of your own that need to be dealt with. You can espouse the notion that you are better than me and that's fine, but the insecurity and utter contempt for men noted in your posts would suggest a void in your life to some degree, for whatever reason. I wish you the best and hope that you develop a more reasoned approach and amiable demeanor in the future.

On one final note, you responded to my post first, hence my retort.
Lady Steel has ZERO strikes with this forum, and, as a lady, i'm sure you can understand why the happenings last night upset her. I understand that you may be upset about your girlfriend, but I highly recommend BOTH parties refrain from interaction from this point on.

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