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Originally Posted by cubanstogie View Post
I don't have problem with with other religions expressing their beliefs either. I am not religious either. My wife and daughter are catholic and I shake my head at a lot that goes on with the Catholic Church and some of their rituals. But I like celebrating xmas, I actually like xmas tree lighting ceremonies and and going to xmas parties and things that go along with it. It seems the one time of year people are actually giving, friendly and care about one another. It pisses me off when I see people trying to ruin it for others because they don' t believe. If they don't like it stay away. Its like someone going to San Francisco and whining about gays. If it bothered me I wouldn't go to the city. Diversity is a good thing, as long as its not forced down peoples throats. Back to original question, I don't think any religion belongs in court houses , federal buildings etc. But there is nothing wrong with all religions expressing their beliefs in public areas. It is a slippery slope though because religion is a passionate topic. Nothing wrong with a xmas tree or a menorah in a police station or firehouse IMO though.
I don't have a problem with different religions expressing their beliefs in public as long as it's not being forced down our throats. I enjoy Christmas as well, but don't adhere to the religious aspect of it. Maybe that makes me hypocritical or odd, but I just see it as a fun time of year where you can get together with friends and family and enjoy each other and exchange gifts if you like.

I don't see things like trying to take Christmas out of government areas as such a heinous attack on Christmas as much as following the separation of church and state and respecting others of different views. I also believe that for ANY religion. Neutral public places or churches are another thing altogether and I could care less about that.

Seems we have a little common ground here.

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