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Default Re: Help me please........

Originally Posted by HEREWEGO2006
I need a copy of the Clowns game in Cleveland from Christmas eve. I hate Cleveland so much, I just have to see this game. It wasn't shown in my area and when we went to the bar to see it, my buddy's car got sideswiped and we missed all but the last 2 minutes. I will supply a tape or pay for one or will even trade for it as I have many games, profiles and interviews on tape. If you can help. please contact me at: or Thanks to one and all.
That's a bummer, man. It was a great game to watch in the sense that Pittsburgh flat-out kicked them within an inch of their lives, and it was the classic Silverback Harrison vs. The Drunk Fan game (where James Harrison slammed a fan who ran onto the field into the gruond). It won't be on the network feed, but you can find it on YouTube.

As for the game, I think if you scour eBay for long enough you'll be able to find a copy somewhere. You've probably tried that, but I would say just to keep looking, with technology being infused with financial success in today's age, you'll be able to find someone who tapes every NFL game and burns them directly onto a DVD.
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