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Default Re: Iowa defeats Nebraska Nov. 29th 2013

Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
I can't believe they haven't fired Bo Pelini. I'll be honest I despise the guy. He's got a poor attitude, he's a poor role model for his players and for the young adults and kids that are watching these games, and he's one of the sorest losers I've ever seen. They have the guy on tape insulting his own fanbase, he's been penalized multiple times for his sideline temper tantrums, and he's been caught screaming his head off at his players.

He actually tried to say Kirk Ferentz should have been penalized when he was questioned about getting flagged. He then called the call a chickenshit call. The guy can't even take responsibility for his own actions, always blaming everyone else but himself. To say Ferentz should've been penalized is idiotic at best. Ferentz rarely ever gets animated and when he does he has good reason to do so. In this game one of our guys got sucker punched, the refs didn't see it, it didn't get flagged, the perpetrator wasn't ejected and hence Ferentz was angry. He wasn't just being an ass because he can't control himself like Pelini.

Thanks though! Sorry to go off on a tangent, I just can't stand Bo Pelini.
I don't watch too much of NU, but I can agree with Pelini's attitude when he addresses the media. It's unprofessional, IMO, and based on what you stated. He's supposed to be the head coach, who sets an example for the players to follow. I think it's disgusting to swear, cuss, and make erratic statements to the public. Seems like Pelini is creating a negative aura as a result. This could have affected the Huksers' play over recent years. Since he arrived I don't think NU has any "HUGE" wins. They've lost a handful or two of games they should've won. i.e. the UCLA home-and-home series. Thus, I don't believe he has much more leverage if he can't win starting next season. The expectations at a program like Nebraska are high. I think the program, fans, and school thought Pelini was going to lead them back to prominence when they hired him. Nebraska's won 9-10 games and played in quality bowl games in his tenure. But, they have yet to reach the BCS and the National Championship. Pelini has failed to lead them to that next level, up from where they are now. I'd say if they don't show strides next year, he may be on the hot seat for 2015, or he will be let go. Can't see the program allowing any more of his antics...
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