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Default Re: L.A.R.K. Program, politcally incorrect

Originally Posted by floodcitygirl
Well I took it as a joke and pretty funny a sarcastic kind of way!!! No doubt that I'm biased though! (lol)

I won't speak for you, but to say that the majority of Ken Lay jokes that have been spouted across the country from the liberal side of the fence aren't political is ridiculous. That side can't put out even his death notice without talking about what good friends he was with the Bush family, what the Bush nickname for him was, and how much he was estimated to have given in political donations to the Republicans! Sounds political to me...

hmm... i see your point on that one... but i didn't say any of that... and i don't really care about any of that... i think it's disgusting how he got to sell of his shares while all the folks below him had theirs frozen. that's got nothing to do with his political affiliation in my eyes.
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